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We believe community needs assessment should catalyze community change, not just check a box.

Community health needs assessment (CHNA) is a systematic process for determining health needs in a particular community or population and using results to spur community change. 

CHNA is widely recognized as imperative to identifying effective health improvement efforts, but the process can be complicated and daunting.

Our solution: IP3 | Assess

IP3 | Assess is a simple, web-based data solution to community needs assessment that has a starter list of 140 population health indicators, interactive maps, and easy data export. Unlike other online platforms, Assess automatically groups and ranks indicators and delivers simple, understandable reports.

Data are often available at different levels and do not describe the specific area you’re looking to assess.


Data at different levels

IP3 | Assess

Provides automatic analysis of data describing any geographic area you’re interested in and computes z-scores to allow for “apples to apples” comparison against state and national benchmarks.  

There are so much data out there; it's difficult to select and source indicators to describe a particular community. 


Too much data 

IP3 | Assess

Automatically applies frameworks through which to view data. Data frameworks help identify indicators that are important to consider and sort indicators into categories that make sense and are actionable. Our team will help identify and implement a framework tailored to your assessment goals.

Even if you already have a long list of indicators describing your community, it’s difficult to make sense of those results and identify levers for community change. 


Making sense of data

IP3 | Assess

Makes it easy to interpret results and identify key takeaways and areas to prioritize investment through drawing explicit connections to potential interventions and efforts to address identified needs.

Even after you have the data, it’s difficult to develop digestible reports and share results outwardly for stakeholders and community engagement. 


Sharing assessment results

IP3 | Assess

Makes it easy to share assessment results through a clean user interface, embeddable online data dashboard, and customizable reports. 



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