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Data sharing should be more than emailing an excel file. Now, share data in an engaging, actionable way. 

Data sharing should spark communication, collaboration, and action. Data come in all sorts of files and formats -- the IP3 platform merges files and provides a neutral place to house and share data to strengthen and simplify the use of data in collaborative work.

The IP3 solution helps make sense of data to move from data to knowledge, and from insight to action. 

Data and assessment results are often reported out through a simple PDF document, which doesn’t allow for viewing data in different ways and isn’t conducive to community engagement. 


Community engagement

IP3 | Assess

Provides an embeddable online data dashboard that is easy to share, interactive, and engaging.

Oftentimes organizations and collaboratives need to share different levels of data internally and externally, but it’s hard to tailor reporting for different purposes and audiences.


Data sharing for different audiences

IP3 | Assess

Allows for different levels of administrative access to the platform, leading to easy internal and external data sharing.

It’s hard to combine data from different jurisdictions or sources and share aggregated results outwardly in a way that makes sense.


Merging data files from multiple sources

IP3 | Assess

Streamlines the process and computes analysis allowing for comparison of indicators from a multitude of sources. For example, merge electronic health record data with publicly-available data to get a fuller picture of community needs. 



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