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IP3 | Assess automatically applies data frameworks to analyze and present indicators organized in an actionable way.

Frameworks translate data into a solution. 

What are data frameworks? 

Each IP3 data framework is made up of a series of relevant domains and indicators that populate each domain. Frameworks help users identify indicators that are important to consider, based on project goals, and sort indicators into categories that make sense and are easily tied to action. (Read our blog post to learn more.) 

Don’t see a framework that fits your needs here? We also work with partners to develop a customized framework tailored to project and assessment needs.

IP3 Expertise

Our team is committed to advancing equitable community health and well-being and has a unique perspective on how to best present data in a way that resonates with multi-sector collaboratives and leads to tangible steps forward in a community. (Check out our site, Community Commons, to learn about our history with community change work.)



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