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These days we're surrounded by data, but what do we make of it?

Over the last decade, access to open-source data has exploded and the practice of using data to inform decision-making has become commonplace, but how do we decide which indicators are most applicable and what to make of the data? 

The IP3 solution helps make sense of data to move from data to knowledge, and from insight to action. 

Resources are limited and you want to prioritize investments to places and efforts that will have the greatest impact, but how do you know what those are? 


Data-driven action planning

IP3 | Assess

Helps make sense of data with a variety of ways to view data outputs (select an output that resonates with your work), interactive maps, and understandable, customizable reports.

Community collaboratives are working on complex work across sectors, and they’re awash with information and data, not to mention decision makers who might have competing priorities.


Cross-sector collaboration 

IP3 | Assess

Helps collaboratives develop and agree upon a measurement framework upfront, which is loaded into the platform to deliver analyzed data tied to an action-oriented change model and a clear path forward.

You have a long list of indicators describing your community -- maybe you have a “data sheet”, but what do you do with that information? 


Sorting through a long list of indicators

IP3 | Assess

Uses a solution-oriented framework approach to select, organize, analyze, and present data in a way that ties results to levers you can actually pull to improve your community.

The IP3 team brings the newest thinking from across the field, key policy initiatives, and curated stories and solutions to help dive into the data and drive your work forward. 



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