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COLUMBIA, Missouri, July 2, 2019 – The Institute for People, Place, and Possibility (IP3) announces partnerships with New York City Health and Hospitals -- the largest public health care system in the U.S. -- and the LA County Community Collaborative (LAC3), to improve efficiency and effectiveness of data sourcing, tracking, and sharing to identify health needs and inform community-based health promotion efforts. LAC3 is a partnership between the Los Angeles County Departments of Public Health and Mental Health and the Thought Leadership and Innovation (TLI) Foundation, among others, which is designed to bring together organizations and stakeholders who do not traditionally work together to address upstream drivers of the opioid crisis.

IP3’s unique, web-based applications with built-in data analysis software will simplify the Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) process for New York City Health & Hospitals, enabling them to easily identify resources and investments to improve community health and well-being. The software and online data dashboard streamline the reporting process, increase community engagement, and draw explicit connections between identified health needs and corresponding interventions to address those needs.

On the opposite coast, IP3 will leverage its technology to support LAC3, a multi-sector partnership based on a process that organizes community resources, fosters public-private partnerships, and supports key stakeholder actions via a community-based collaborative. IP3’s technology will help the group source and analyze data to identify how to best address the growing opioid crisis in LA County. This partnership and assessment work will enable LAC3 to demonstrate how a large county can use data to inform and develop successful, outcomes-based efforts to address opioid abuse, and will provide a community-based use case for policy-makers in Washington D.C. to shape decisions that impact communities across the U.S.


IP3 is a non-profit 501(c)3 based in Columbia, Missouri committed to supporting health initiatives through data and content sharing tools specifically designed to facilitate collective impact to build healthy, sustainable, equitable communities.