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IP3 | Assess is a web-based data solution to community assessment and action with a robust starter list of indicators, interactive maps, and simple, shareable reporting.

Community needs assessment should catalyze community change, not just check a box.

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IP3 | Assess allows you to easily combine and compare data from different sources, surface community insights, align data across organizations and sectors, and move straight into concerted action.

Easily compare data from different sources

Make sense of data

Go from insight to action

Powerful data analysis allows for “apples to apples” comparison of all kinds of data against state and national benchmarks

No more long lists of indicators; our suite of IP3 frameworks provides helpful context through grouping indicators into categories that make sense and are easily tied to action

Seamless integration with Community Commons populates reports and outputs, enabling discovery of what the data mean, how to get started, and who else is working in these areas.

Built with community engagement in mind

Supplement in-person work with online community engagement and functionality built right into public-facing reports: receive public comments and questions, do simple polling, or even embed longer surveys.

IP3 | Assess offers a suite of frameworks to organize and analyze indicators in an actionable way. 

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