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IP3 is a nonprofit organization working to create healthy, equitable, sustainable communities that advance well-being now and for future generations.


We believe in building capacity for communities to make real, lasting change. Our work Is founded in our commitment to improving community and population health. We provide knowledge and know-how surrounding data and technology, rooted in our deep passion for community partnerships. ​We have a long history of working with large and small organizations to provide data and reporting tools to assess community needs, prioritize investment areas and efforts, share stories for inspiration, and develop implementation plans for community improvement. 

Over a decade ago, we were privileged to take part in the many national community improvement efforts sparked by the CDC, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Kaiser Permanente, the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, Y-USA, United Ways, and others. We became leaders in the “Healthy Communities Movement” through developing, and making publicly-available, an online, public-good website bringing community data and stories of success to inspire and drive community change:



We promote a holistic, equitable approach to community health  and community- change work though sharing and showcasing content and data within the context of a well-being narrative. 


IP3 is uniquely-positioned to do the work we do to advance community well-being because of our participation in many national networks and large collaborative efforts to improve communities. IP3 sits at the nexus of national networks to promote community well-being through a holistic approach with a focus on equity and use of a well-being narrative, allowing us to both learn from and contribute to experts in the field. Years of experience and stewarding of Community Commons enables us to share local successes nationally, and build bridges connecting communities doing similar work around the nation.


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