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We build capacity for communities to make real, lasting change. Our work - both as the life force behind Community Commons and through thought partnership, technology, and data strategy support - is founded in our commitment to improving community well-being.

We provide knowledge & know-how surrounding storytelling, data, & technology, rooted in our deep passion for community partnerships. 



We provide strategic thought partnership to facilitate change through data, technology, and storytelling, and cultivate a community of change-makers and curate and connect them to the tools they need.

Data Strategy

We develop or refine a strategy for using and sharing data in community change work: we provide an easily-adoptable plan to simplify current processes and meet organizational assessment needs

Technology Integration

We develop new technology and/or recommend technology integration in a way that fits with current workflow to automate processes and scale impact

Toolkits &

White Papers

Capitalize on what's been accomplished through positioning content in a replicable, actionable way; increase access to scale ideas and impact

Curate Leading Practices

Share and scale a new or emerging approach or framework; position and showcase content alongside what else is emerging to foster shared learning and implementation nationwide

Inspire Change Through Stories

We believe in learning from each other, and that the most innovative, successful, sustainable strategies come from those working on the ground to improve communities

Knowledge Management

Add sustainability to projects, integrate content to advance shared learning, and amplify and scale ideas through positioning for a large audience of community change-makers 

Democratize Data

Data should be used to catalyze community change, not just check a box; make the right data available, and make it actionable to drive community change

IP3 | Assess is a web-based data solution to community needs assessment that has a robust starter list of population health indicators, interactive maps, easy data export, and simple, shareable reporting.

IP3 | Assess

IP3 | Assess


IP3 stewards the public-good website Community Commons, a community of change-makers working to create healthy, equitable, sustainable communities. Finding reputable, relevant, inspiring tools and resources is overwhelming. We curate the things you need to start, or continue, your journey toward community change.




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