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Traditional approaches to knowledge management are not effective in complex, multi-sector community work.

Our Solution?
Community Commons Spaces.

Adopting knowledge management practices helps organizations more effectively retain and build upon prior learning, create shared language and values, and catalyze collective action vital for fostering thriving communities. 


Community Commons Spaces equip organizations and communities with a customizable online content library for knowledge management powered by the Community Commons back-end knowledgebase. (Learn more.)

Community Commons Spaces manage knowledge and information for an entire learning community, coalition, or multi-stakeholder collaborative. Spaces bring the principles of knowledge management into the work of equitable, sustainable community change, and leverage the thousands of hand-curated resources, tools, guides, and stories we’ve been developing and refining for over a decade on Community Commons. Whereas Community Commons is a common space, Spaces are customized and configured to align with your change model, topics relevant to your work, and a searchable organization system to meets your needs.


Your content library will be connected to Community Commons.

You’ll be able to access curated content and resources from communities across the Nation already working to create change; you won't have to start from scratch.


Your work will have an exponential impact.

Your work will have an exponential impact by immediately connecting to related resources, policies, stories, and tools already in Community Commons.


Your content will be amplified.

Your content will be amplified to reach changemakers working in your sector and we will build the bridges between sectors.


Your content will have a sustainable home.

The content you’ve carefully curated through the scope of your work will have a sustainable home. By hosting your content on Community Commons it will be discoverable by future change-makers.


Organize content in ways that make sense to you.

While connected to the Commons, you choose what content you want to share with the Commons and what you want to pull from it. Spaces give you the option to organize content in ways that make sense to you and your stakeholders. Your content, your taxonomy, your stories.


You'll benefit from our proven content curation approach and technology.

The IP3 team stewards Community Commons and we have for over a decade. You’ll benefit from our proven content curation approach and technology.


What is knowledge management?

Knowledge Management is the process of capturing, distributing, and effectively using knowledge. The concept originated at around the same time as computers and the internet, when online dashboards, databases of best practices, and resource locators emerged. In general, but especially online, there is a need to gather and structure knowledge within an organization, network, or community of practice, so that it can be learned, used, shared, and leveraged.


Spaces Examples

The Public Health Equity Resource Library (PHERN)

From the American Public Health Association

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the American Public Health Association convened the Alliance for Disease Prevention and Response, and found “there are a vast number of useful resources around the country, but after consultation with our partners, we have found that there is no one “go-to”, easy to navigate place to find all of them.” Together, we created PHERN or the Public Health and Equity Resource Navigator. This solution was designed to be a way to connect and share resources widely and to make sure that people can find what they need. Launched in April of 2022, this Community Commons space features nearly 1000 resources covering 16 curated topics with a focus on equity and systems.

From North Sound Accountable Community of Health

North Sound Accountable Community of Health (ACH) is a nonprofit organization that leads the region’s movement to advance equitable well-being. As the North Sound ACH explored how to sustain their work advancing equitable well-being, they saw an opportunity to leverage their expertise as a technical assistance provider and trusted convener to build a resource repository. A Community Commons Space is how the North Sound ACH is making resources available to partners and community members across the region. Launched in August of 2021, this Community Commons Space features 40 topics and a focus on learning and networking.

NorthSoundACH_vertLOGO (1) (1).jpg
Screen Shot 2022-04-04 at 4.16.06 PM.png

The Equitable Economies Policy Library

From the WIN Network

The Advancing Equitable Economies Policy Library (Equitable Economies Library) curates policies that address inequities, and provide equitable opportunities and prosperity for all. The searchable, living library of recommended policies was created by The Well Being In The Nation Network (WIN Network), in partnership with Community Commons, through the combined efforts of people with diverse backgrounds. Policies in the Library cover multiple sectors, can be implemented at a variety of scales, and center equity of people by advancing the ideas of organizations fighting against historical, structural racism. The 100+ policies are organized into eleven impact areas that are key in advancing more equitable economies. Created for all audiences, each policy description is carefully written in accessible, easy-to-understand language.

NWRPCA Logo+Full Title.png

Northwest Regional Primary Care Association
Innovation Lab

The Northwest Regional Primary Care Association (NWRPCA) is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 membership-driven organization that serves community and migrant health centers (CHCs) in Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington (federal Region X). Founded in 1983, NWRPCA offers a range of programs and services to support and strengthen CHCs in the Northwest. NWRPCA works to ensure equal access, regardless of one's financial or insurance status, to primary and preventive health care for all residents living in the region.


NWRPCA, in conjunction with national partners Community Initiatives Network and the Rippel Foundation, is leveraging a Community Commons Space to provide an infrastructure to support the a regional Community Health Innovation Lab. The lab aims to to reimagine role(s), partnership, and strategies of Community Health Centers (CHCs) in working with local, state and national partners to address key SDOH facing the most vulnerable in our communities. The Community Commons Space supports their shared learning and collaboration.


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