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Medina-Fulcher, JD 

Executive Director

Roxanne (she/her) oversees operations, leads organizational strategy, and assists with high-level project management. She has a Juris Doctorate from Michigan State College of Law and practiced poverty law in Detroit for years before moving into non-profit management.


Erin Barbaro, MA

Director of Products & Partnerships

Erin (she/her) leads product development at IP3 including IP3 ASSESS, Community Commons, and Spaces. Erin also leads strategic organizational partnerships and initiatives. Erin has a passion for creating technology and using data for social change and impact.

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Stacy Wegley, MS

Director of Field-Building & Collaborative Learning

Stacy (she/her) provides strategic guidance for organizational field building, national initiatives, and cross platform coordination. Stacy is a skilled facilitator, coach, and host of our Commons Good Podcast—engaging and amplifying community voice.


Sara Ivey, MPH, MURP

Project Director, Research & Learning

Sara (she/her) leads data strategy across IP3 applications and the development of knowledge products. She fosters key partnerships with Community Commons stakeholders and coordinates IP3's internship program.


Sloan Gingg, MPH

Director of Communications & Strategic Outreach

Sloan (she/her) oversees all organizational communications, manages client projects, and works closely with our development team to support technology products. Sloan is skilled in evaluation design and synthesizing research results into concise, digestible reports. 


Serin Bond-Yancy

Senior Communications & Design Consultant

Sarah (they/she) manages the communications for Community Commons, and works closely with the data and product management teams to develop Community Commons Spaces. Sarah is skilled in strategic content development, and graphic, web, and informational design.



Liz Fry

Communications and Curation Coordinator

Liz (she/her) works closely with the communications and data teams to support communications and curation for Community Commons and Community Commons Spaces. She is skilled in quality assurance and in creating original content about health and the pursuit of health equity.

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Laura Krupar

Community Health Information Specialist

Laura (she/her) helps prepare data used in IP3 ASSESS and supports the infohub team with categorizing resources, collecting metadata, and writing descriptions for Community Commons. Laura is skilled in database management, including data sourcing and quality assurance.


Katheryn Richards

Randall Lewis Fellow

Kathryn Richards (she/her) is serving a 10-month Randall Lewis Fellowship as part of her graduate studies. Kathryn is skilled in developing communication strategies to promote mental health and is passionate about leveraging research across disciplines to better address health needs.


Anisa Ahmed

Contributing Writer and Curation Intern

Anisa (she/her) spends her time supporting the back-end database that powers Community Commons through the IP3 InfoHub team. She is passionate about advancing health equity and effective health promotion through health communication.

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IP3 works with many organizations to integrate technology into community-change work. We have a number of technology products and platforms, including Our team works closely with our core development partner, BonkeyBong, to build and continuously improve technology platforms to support those working to advance equitable well-being. 


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