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Discover What's Possible With IP3 ASSESS

Updated: Apr 4

If you’ve been reading our IP3 blog for a while, you’re likely familiar with IP3 ASSESS, our web-based data solution designed and built to support changemakers using data to inform and advance equitable well-being in communities around the Nation. We’re thrilled to share that we recently launched a new website to share more about the platform, including recently-added features and new data available.

Now, IP3 ASSESS has a more powerful back-end, easy-to-use features, better data-sharing, a Small Teams (lower) price-point option, and of course: more data and resources!

IP3 developed the first iteration of IP3 ASSESS in 2018 in partnership with one of the largest healthcare systems in the U.S. as a tool to support their use and interpretation of data in the Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) process. Although it wasn’t too long ago, publicly-available data were harder to find and access on the web, and the time spent accessing it and making it useful ate into hours that could be better spent identifying solutions. Today, accessing and deriving meaning from data data remains challenging even if one does have the time and resources to pull down and analyze public data, it can be difficult to explore data from different sources—often with disparate collection methods, units, and granularity—and to make sense of the data to inform community change work. Our team observed time after time that the use of data and/or formal community assessment was not truly connected to on-the-ground work to improve communities.

IP3 ASSESS was developed to support changemakers to use community assessment and data to catalyze positive community change, not just check a box in the community-change process. The platform equips users to:

1. Easily compare data from different sources: Powerful data analysis allows for “apples to apples” comparison of all kinds of data against state and national benchmark

2. Make sense of data: No more long lists of indicators; our suite of IP3 frameworks provides helpful context through grouping indicators into categories that make sense and are easily tied to action

3. Go from community insight to concerted action: Seamless integration with Community Commons populates reports and outputs, enabling discovery of what the data mean, how to get started, and who else is working in these areas.

Today, IP3 ASSESS has the same core functionality as it did at the onset, but with a more powerful back-end, easy-to-use features, mechanisms for sharing data with others and encouraging stakeholder engagement, available add-on features to customize the platform for your use, a Small Teams (lower) price-point option, and of course: more data and integration with the entire library of thousands of resources to inspire action on Community Commons!

We launched a new website to share information about IP3 ASSESS, including access to exactly which data measures are available on the platform, and we’d love for you to check it out. As always, if you’re interested in learning more about and/or getting a customized quote, please reach out!


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