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Explore the Equitable Economies Policy Library

Updated: Apr 4

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Advancing Equitable Economies Policy Library (Equitable Economies Library)—a searchable, online library of 130+ policies that can be leveraged to advance more equitable economies.

The Equitable Economies Library was created by The Well Being In The Nation Network (WIN Network), in partnership with Community Commons and the Institute for People, Place, and Possibility (IP3), through the combined efforts of people with diverse backgrounds. The library lives on Community Commons and is designed for advocates to explore policies that can advance a more equitable, well-being economy for all.

What is an Equitable Economy?

An equitable economy is one that advances the basic goal of all people and places thriving together—with no exceptions. It is just, regenerative, and multiracial. It values all stakeholder interests. An equitable economy rebalances power. It provides what everyone needs to participate, prosper, and reach their full potential. A well-being economy provides opportunity for freedom, voice, power, ownership. It leads to a fulfilling life over generations for everyone. An equitable economy addresses inequities due to racism, colonialism, and other discrimination and creates conditions for everyone to thrive together.

Racism and Our Economy

Racism has ravaged this country for generations, from the arrival of the first enslaved people to modern day. Black people and other people of color have been victims of systemic disadvantages that make it much harder to succeed and generate wealth in the U.S. These inequities play a role in shaping the economy, society, and opportunities people have. Reparations policies—from assuring adequate funding for safety net programs to supporting Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs)—are one way to recognize and start to address these inequities.

IP3 Supports the WIN Network

IP3 is proud to be a core member of the WIN Network, and we have helped to bring its stories and tools to life and share them with change-makers across the United States. We have supported specific efforts like WIN with Business, the WE WIN Together Racial Justice Community and Thriving Together by curating resources and producing original digital content.

IP3 helped design the Equitable Economies Library with the WIN team from the ground up. Our team advised on the policy and impact area briefs, created graphics and art, and assembled the 130+ policies, impact areas and related resources that comprise it. IP3 also worked with the WIN team to design and launch a Delphi survey to crowdsource information about policies that have the potential to bring us closer to a well-being economy for all.

Read more about IP3's knowledge management work here, and reach out to discuss more!

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