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IP3 and 100 Million Healthier Lives Partner to Provide a Permanent Home for the Change Library

Updated: 4 days ago

The Partnership

We at IP3 partnered with 100 Million Healthier Lives (100MLives) to create a permanent home for their Change Library content on the public-good website we steward: Community Commons. Pre-existing content was migrated, and new bright spots, tools, and stories can now be submitted to Community Commons. This partnership adds sustainability to the Change Library, integrates its content to advance shared learning, and amplifies these learnings through positioning for a larger audience.

The Change Library

The 100MLives Change Library is a practical, searchable, peer-reviewed implementation library that helps change-makers by sharing things that work--and things that don’t--to improve health, well-being, and equity. It comprises nearly 200 bright spots, stories, and tools shared by communities around the world. Unlike a traditional journal, Change Library submissions focus on implementation details: How long did the work take? In what context was it used? What details do you need to use this resource? The Change Library was created by and for communities and offers pragmatic resources, guidance, and inspiring stories to guide change.

The Change Library features three types of content: bright spots, stories, and tools. 1) Bright spots serve as a model for tangible actions that can be taken now, including practices, policies, or programs that have demonstrated significant, meaningful, measurable improvement; 2) Stories describe the journey towards equitable well-being of a person, organization, coalition, or community. Some stories share a “fail forward” moment—one where a mistake or failure led to significant growth and learning. And, 3) Tools include toolkits, guidelines/recommendations, websites, articles, and reports to help implement specific change work.

Adding Sustainability

Creating a new, permanent home for the Change Library on Community Commons ensures access to its stories, tools, and resources that can inspire and guide change-makers today to advance community well-being for years to come.

“As 100MLives comes to a close at the end of 2020, we are thrilled that the Change Library will remain accessible for change-makers across the globe.” - Sarah Callender, Associate Director, 100MLives

Advancing Shared Learning through Community Commons

The move to Community Commons means Change Library content is fully integrated with the Commons. Community Commons supports change-makers through housing, contextualizing, and packaging content in engaging ways that promote discovery and advance shared learning. Positioning Change Library content next to other relevant information and tools helps change-makers move from insight to action to improve conditions in their community.

Importantly, all content on The Commons benefits from our powerful back-end development, built with communities in mind. It features:

(If you have a body of work like the Change Library, a new or emerging approach to share with others and scale its impact, reach out to see whether The Commons might be a good home.)

More About 100 Million Healthier Lives

100 Million Healthier Lives (100MLives) was an unprecedented collaboration of change agents across sectors working in an unprecedented way to help 100 million people live healthier lives by 2020. 100MLives was funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) and convened by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) to fundamentally transform the way the world thinks and acts to build a Culture of Health.

Together, 100MLives members created solutions to the most intractable challenges that stand in the way of achieving health, well-being, and equity across the globe. Since its launch in 2012, 100MLives members changed the world in meaningful ways together with youth, veterans, and older adults—on topics like nutrition, mental health, education, homelessness, and more.

Share your Transformation Stories and Bright Spots

We believe in the power of storytelling to inspire dialogue about what’s possible, as well as stewardship that transforms communities for health, sustainability, and equity. The most innovative, sustainable strategies are shared and inspired by those working on the ground. By sharing stories, we can learn from each other and spread real change for the greater good. Share your story on Community Commons using the link below!

Browse through all 100MLives content on Community Commons by scrolling below

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