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IP3's Wrap Up: 2023 in Review

Updated: Apr 4

2023 was another busy year for us at IP3! We work hard all year to build capacity and civic muscle to advance equitable health and well-being in communities across the nation. We advance the vital conditions for well-being, stewardship practices, and multi-solving to work towards thriving together, no exceptions. We leverage Community Commons, Community Commons Spaces, IP3 ASSESS, and staff expertise and consulting to advance this work. Today we are reflecting on our work, feeling grateful for our team and partners, and looking forward to the coming year. Here’s a recap of our work in 2023: 

Knowledge Management and Learning

We worked with partners to curate and organize content supporting collaborative and network learning. Highlights include:

In 2024, we look forward to growing these resources and diving into new topics with our partners. Stay tuned for several new Community Commons Spaces launching in 2024 covering topics such as mental health and housing. Are you interested in a Community Commons Space? Learn More.

Data in Context

IP3 provides data in context through software, knowledge products, and consulting services. Data in context means bringing together quantitative and qualitative data and exploring it in relationship to place, lived experience, collection methods, and community systems. We value people-centered, multi-solving approaches that start with shared sense making. Our approach  includes sourcing data from publicly-available sources (where possible) and organizing it into action-oriented frameworks. We use maps, visualizations, and community voices to strengthen data access, understanding, and implications. We acknowledge that data collection is imperfect—we need community insights to make sense of the numbers, reveal possibilities, and drive co-created action.  Here are some highlights from our data work this year: 

IP3 ASSESS: It’s been another great year for IP3 ASSESS, which continues to grow and evolve as we integrate feedback from our community of users. We’ve had the privilege of working with clients around the nation who are committed to community health and well-being. This year we launched a bunch of new features, including the popular IP3 ASSESS Dashboard. 

  • Learn more about how the Foundation for Social Connection uses the IP3 ASSESS Dashboard to support counties across the country in learning about measures of social connectedness. 

  • Learn more about how the Center for Rural Health Development in West Virginia uses the IP3 ASSESS Dashboard to introduce the Vital Conditions for Well-Being in the state.

We also shared our learning and experience working with data in context for communities over the past decade. We launched the new Maps & Data channel on Community Commons and shared an introductory series of content including:

We have big plans for adding new features and data to IP3 ASSESS in the coming year. Follow along to get updates on our product roadmap informed by our partners. Interested in IP3 ASSESS? Learn More.

Our Team

We couldn’t do this work without our amazing team. This year, we welcomed Laura Krupar, Community Health Information Specialist, Kathryn Richards, Randall Lewis Fellow, and Anisa Ahmed, Contributing Writer and Curation Intern. We also welcomed two new board members, Arvind Singhal and Angel Balthazar. Their insights and perspectives will help us create a greater impact in the coming year. IP3 went fully remote in 2018. We may not be together every day but we cherish the opportunities to connect face-to-face whenever we can.


The biggest thank you goes out to you all—our partners and clients. We are so lucky to work with passionate organizations committed to creating real, lasting changes in their communities and organizations. Below, we've shared a map of where all of our partners and clients in 2023 were located; we're thrilled to be able to work with organizations and communities around the U.S. Every day we get to learn alongside you all is a gift. We look forward to continuing our work together in 2024 and beyond. 

Map of IP3 Parners in 2023


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